5 Suggestions For The Packaging Pouches Designs

Packaging pouches designs, as a very important part in the entire process of producing packing pouch Many customers do not understand how this part is done Insouciantly or egotistically design are common in this field,the result of course will be very negative. So let`s find out how the supplier to custom the printing. What is the difference between design and actual printing. After you read below writings, i believe you will find the answers 5 Suggestions For The Packaging Pouches Designs Q1: Can the supplier provide design draft ? The answer is yes for most suppliers S1: Professional producer ≠ professional designer, find a designer who understand local market and you company. In addition, the design is not free, even the most basic template, because most of the suppliers transfer the design to the design studio. Even if you provide your own original design, but you want to get a revised version of your design, there still are some revise charge. Let`s go back to above topic,fin

Flexible Packaging Pouches Dieline Templates

Printing design on packing pouches! So easy!!! 3 key points on printing design for flexible packaging pouches Pouch type Pouch size Accessory on pouch (position of the zipper, position of the open window, valve etc.) A professional designer just focus on the design, no need to consider the producing procedure or inner structure. Here is an example: This is a very specific drawing but nothing useful for a designer. What a designer need to know is: Size Content Notice: Need to consciously take into account the design and production printing plate layout problems Here are some commonly used flexible packaging pouches dieline templates. Commonly used flexible packaging pouch type: FLAT POUCHES (3-side, 4-sides or back seal): such as sauces, tea bags, snacks and so on GUSSETED BAGS (back , side seal, or 4-side seal): such as tea & coffee bags etc. STAND UP BAGS: coffee bags, snack bags, pet food bags and so on FLAT BOTTOM BAGS: coffee bags, snac

One-Way Degassing Valve, How To Choose And Identify ?

If you are a sourcer of coffee bags, maybe you were noticed by your QC at one time that the bags can not be vacuumed. When you discuss with your packing pouch vendor, they can not reply with a reasonable answer because the valves was purchased from another supplier. Most of the coffee bag manufacturers can not produce the valves by themselves, because the coffee bag and degassing valve are totally in the two different fields. What Is One-Way Degassing Valve ? One-way degassing valves are designed to allow pressure to be released from air-tight packing-pouch meanwhile preventing air from getting back into the packing-pouch. Air,  especially the Oxygen(O2) portion of air , can have negative effects on the package contents and its freshness. And, this one-way degassing valve can prevent the break up caused by inside air during the shipping or storing. Furthermore, Air leak may happen due to the quality problem during the valve working ( either can release the gas ge